how to get a US passport for a minor

Every American must have his or her own passport, newborns included. The information on this page about passports for minors include the passport application procedure and requirements for minors under the age of 14 only. If the minor is between 14 and 17, he must follow the instructions for a first time passport applicant. Additional requirements can be asked for him.


How to get a passport for a minor

In US passport procedures for minors, the presence of the minor is mandatory. Below, you have the list of passport requirements. Gather them, and then appear in person to any of the facilities designated by the Department of State.


Passport requirements

  • Your —unsigned until asked to— Passport Application, Form DS-11
  • A proof of US citizenship
  • Evidence of child's relationship to parents or guardians
  • Parental identification
  • Parental permission (if not traveling with both parents)
  • Two passport photos
  • The application fee
  • Your Social Security Number


Passport procedure

  • Take your documents to the Passport Acceptance Facility
  • Parents will have to sign the Form DS-11 on behalf of the child, upon request of the representative of the passport agency


When will I have my passport?

  • Normal processing takes about ten weeks
  • Use Expedited Service to get your US passport in about two weeks
  • Contact a passport agency, if you need your passport faster than that

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